How To Attract Good Insects Into Your Yard And Garden, According To An Expert

Many think insects are harmful to gardens, but they have many benefits. With these expert steps, you can attract more good insects to make your garden flourish.

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A Design Expert Explains How To Decorate Your Living Room For Maximum Relaxation

Designing a home that is tailored to relaxation can be a challenging task. See what one design expert suggests on how to decorate your living room.

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4 Low-Cost Ornaments We Made For Our DIY Christmas Tree

To keep your holiday budget a little more under control this year, consider trying your hand at some homemade Christmas tree decorations even a novice can do.

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A Design Expert Explains The Best Way To Style Open Shelving In Kitchens

Open shelving has been a popular feature in homes for many years. Here is how to style open shelves in your kitchen, according to a design expert.

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Signs It May Be Time To Sell Your House, According To An Expert

With so many factors to consider, how do you know when to make a move? To get insight, we turned to real estate agent Jon Sanborn of Brotherly Love Real Estate.

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The Best Time Of Year To Plant Roses, According To A Gardening Expert

Who doesn't enjoy the beauty and splendor of roses? We asked an expert how to tell when it's the perfect time to plant, shop for, and tend to your roses.

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The TikTok Hack That Makes Propagating Plants Even Easier

Propagating plants is the most cost-efficient way to expand your garden. Use this simple TikTok hack to make indoor propagation easier than ever.

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A Design Expert Explains How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Maximum Relaxation

Your bedroom should be the most serene and calming space in your home. Expert Kelly Simpson shares how to decorate a relaxing bedroom space.

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How To Feng Shui Your Home To Ward Off Bad Luck, According To An Expert

Feng shui is an ancient practice that centers on building a comforting and balanced home. Here's how to feng shui your home to ward off bad luck.

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Problem Spaces' Fariha Nasir On Creating Beauty In Challenging Rooms - Exclusive Interview

On Magnolia Network's "Problem Spaces," Fariha Nasir helps homeowners design oddly shaped spaces. Here, she discusses the challenges of these interesting rooms.

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