Inspired Interiors' Sarah Sherman Samuel Details Eclectic Interior Design Style - Exclusive Interview

Sarah Sherman Samuel stars in Magnolia Network's "Inspired Interiors." Here is her approach to interior design and advice for couples with clashing styles.

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How To Clean Your Gutters To Make Them Last, According To An Expert

As with all aspects of your home, the gutter system requires regular maintenance in order to keep it functioning at its best and for the longest time.

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The Viral TikTok Oven-Cleaning Hack: Why You Need To Try It

Cleaning a filthy oven can be grueling work, but it's got to get done. Speed up and optimize the process with this trending TikTok cleaning hack.

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What You Need To Know About Installing Kitchen Cabinets, According To An Expert

Kitchen cabinets can change the feel of a kitchen, but specific knowledge is necessary to install them yourself. Here are some tips from expert Jeff Palla.

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The Easiest Way To Mount Your TV, According To An Expert

Over the years televisions have only gotten bigger and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to properly hang them. This expert knows how to make it easy.

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Magnolia Network's Fariha Nasir On Balancing Function And Aesthetic In Your Home - Exclusive

"Problem Spaces" star Fariha Nasir offered her advice for balancing function with beautiful style when decorating your house, no matter how you use your rooms.

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The One Ceiling Color That 70% Of Homeowners Think Is The Best - Exclusive Survey

Choosing the perfect paint color can create seamless harmony throughout your home. Here is the ceiling color that homeowners think is the best.

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We Tried The Cheapest Sound Machine At Bed Bath & Beyond. Here's How It Went

Is the cheapest sound machine from Bed Bath & Beyond effective at drowning out all of the disturbances that can keep you awake at night? Here's what we found.

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How To Bring More Bees Into Your Yard And Garden, According To Experts

Bees are critical components of the ecosystem and will help your garden to grow. Here's how to bring more bees into your yard, according to the experts.

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Gazebo Or Pergola? This Is The Most Popular Backyard Shade Structure - Exclusive Survey

Having some sort of shade is a great benefit for those who spend a lot of time in their gardens. So, what is the most popular backyard shade structure?

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