It may be time for you to sell your home, so your interior space will need to look its best before uploading photos to a listing website. Or, you may just be bored with your current space and are looking for something to update your current design. Instead of searching for tips on your own, we've garnered tips from Christina Hall for you instead. HGTV says Hall's expertise is design and real estate, making her an excellent resource as you decide how you're going to stage your home. She has shown her skills again and again on shows, such as "Christina on the Coast" and "Flip or Flop," where she renovates properties to then later sell.

You're not alone if you find it difficult to stage your home. Staging your home may be the biggest challenge that most homeowners face, per The Close. Luckily, Real Homes has provided some great tips from Hall and how to implement them into your residence.

Mix the real with the fake

Hall has said oftentimes, when she is staging a home, she likes to mix real and fake plants together, according to Real Homes. She believes living plants are great, but sometimes they are a bit difficult to keep alive. She also does this technique in her own home; on her kitchen island, she has a large, clear vase where she keeps a bouquet of fake flowers. This can especially be a great tactic for those who are selling their home, as you won't have to worry about them dying before the photo shoot or when buyers come to take a tour.

Other designers agree with Hall's staging tactic as well. Sarah Sklash and April Brown from Motel Makeover on Netflix prefer to use fake plants to create a fresh and lively atmosphere, as the plant's texture brings brightness to the room it's in, according to Real Homes. These faux plants are also helpful to spice up a bathroom with no natural lighting, as it brings in the feeling of nature while also creating a soothing environment.

How to arrange real and fake plants

As you decide which plants to purchase to stage your home, there are a few tips you should follow. Your fake and real plant combination should include large fake plants with real small plants, according to Silk Plants Direct. The reason for this is that oftentimes, you'll have to move your large, real plants from one place to another as you properly care for them. So if they are small, their daily care will be much more simple. When you incorporate big fake plants, they will help set in a focal point as your small real plants create balance to achieve a stunning arrangement.

If you arrange the real and fake plants correctly, others shouldn't be able to tell, and they will assume all of your plants are real. If you use the same types of planting pots, this will also help with making the fake plants look real, which will also make your design appear harmonious.