Shea McGee has always been known for creating beautiful interiors. The interior designer is best known for her show Dream Home Makeover, where Shea and her husband, Syd McGee, transform family's homes into uniquely styled interiors tailored to their tastes. But even before that, Shea McGee was one of the first social media design influencers. The motto of her design firm is "Make Life Beautiful," which can be seen in every interior she designs.

In 2022, Shea McGee is embracing the maximalist trend with a romantic twist that you may not have seen yet. McGee is embracing romantic textures throughout the decor and accents in her own home. Romantic style incorporates soft, warm shades like dusty pink and lavender, according to Leovan Design. Softer shapes like curves and arches are also common in romantic interiors. Mixed with bold prints, She McGee creates a romantic maximalist style that's all the rage in 2022.

Bold patterns add detail

Maximalism is characterized by the use of bold patterns to fill a space with lots of visual interest. As more people embrace a maximalist style, Shea McGee says that bold patterns can add details and sophistication to your space, per Homes & Gardens. Using a large-scale pattern makes a bigger impact and will easily create a maximalist interior. Marry maximalism with romantic textures by using floral prints throughout your home.

Big, bold florals add a bit of romance, but they're also common enough that some designers consider them a neutral, says Living After Midnite. If you treat florals like a neutral, you can add them throughout your home to add a bit of whimsy to home decor. Watercolors and pastel florals are more romantic, but to add a bit of edge, choose florals in more vivid shades. Make florals the focus with bold botanical wallpaper, especially in a small space like a bathroom. Or incorporate subtle floral accents with curtains, pillows, and even furniture.

Patterns can add balance

Florals aren't the only print that can make a statement. Shea McGee has also been loving organic shapes in her space. Curves, arches, and abstract shapes create movement in the room. These organic shapes add a softness that pairs well with a romantic interior and have been a major trend in recent years. Interiors by Sarah Langtry loves arches and curves in both home architecture and furniture and says the influences for these shapes come from art deco and European design. 

Arches also have a way of elevating a space, creating an elegant focal point with minimal effort. Curved furniture adds a softness to interiors. But not everything in your home should use curves, arches, and organic shapes. Shea McGee suggests balancing these with geometric shapes. These shapes use lines to add some structure to the design. Hexagons, rectangles, and triangles can all be used to balance curves and arches.