Most people probably have "visit a castle" on their bucket list. Visiting a castle is definitely achievable, but buying one is accomplishing a dream on a whole other level — especially like this one that just sold for $1.5 million in the Bronx, according to Zillow. Enormous is an understatement when defining the size of this Victorian-style castle, with 28 rooms, 11 of them being bedrooms, according to the New York Post. It's also five stories high and looks as though it's been plucked out of New England and carefully placed down in one of the loudest cities in the United States.

The property was built in 1914 and is known as the Castle of Kingsbridge. The New York Post says the castle was featured in a 1979 film called "The Wanderers," where the exterior and basement were highlighted. The film is about an Italian gang in New York City in 1963 and was directed by Philip Kaufman. A fairy tale like no other, a castle in the Bronx is a wonder to behold.

Aging gracefully

According to Zillow, although over 100 years old, this castle is as beautiful as ever. Stained glass windows with images of forestry and grape vines adorn the property. The overall color of the exterior is light gray, contrasted by a bright red, crimson roof — with a tile pattern reminiscent of dragon scales. A large staircase also leads up to the dual door entry, creating a dramatic yet alluring design. There are four balconies, one on each floor. The balcony on the fourth floor resembles a watch tower similar to that of a guard posting.

If you don't have a horse and a carriage, don't worry, a car will do as the property features a two-door garage attached. It also consists of gorgeous windows that let in natural light to keep the interior brilliant and cheery. The backyard is picturesque as it provides a healthy and green lawn to build a garden or any other structure.

Beautiful patterns

As you step inside, you'll notice that this home is very different from many others. There are patterns and designs everywhere, creating a whimsical layout, according to Zillow. The crafted hardwood floors have a woven pattern that extends throughout the home. There are also different wood patterns that frame each room to add a bit of charm. The castle has seven fireplaces — one fireplace with a beautiful, red stone design is in a living area, along with tall stained glass windows, a ceiling with a grid wooden beam pattern, and crystal lights that look like grapes.

Another living area has a fireplace with stone, with an appearance similar to terracotta. The entry is grand, and the floral, wooden design on top looks like vines of flowers with thorns. As you follow the pillars down, you'll see both sides of the entry have decorative motifs that have been framed and embedded into the posts.

Sleep like royalty

Most of the bedrooms seem bright and spacious, with the same patterned hardwood floors as the living room, per Zillow. One of the bedrooms is pictured with a bathroom connected. The walls are tiled with white subway as well as a decorative border on top. The floor is also tiled with a white mosaic for a simple and clean look. Inside is a freestanding bathtub with elegantly detailed and decorative claw feet that go well with the overall Victorian-era design.

There is a dining nook in the home when it's meal time, in a hexagon shape with stained glass windows circling the area. The stained glass is on the top portion of the window, allowing the bottom half to flood the room with warm, natural light. There is also a mudroom with enough space for laundry machines. Built-in storage is against the wall, tiled with yellow and black ceramic, and a sink is also available to have the area used as a mudroom.