If you're the type who loves to see unusual properties, there's a recently listed Michigan home that will certainly catch your attention — and it's on the market for a steal of a price. The home is located in Battle Creek, and as the Realtor listing states, it's right in the heart of the city. The home has been on the market for 18 days with a $160,000 asking price — and considering the low price, it is a very sizable opportunity. The property boasts 3,429 square feet of interior space, including five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Most unique, however, is the eye-catching exterior that looks as though it's been transported straight from another time. Though you may envision grand castles only in countries like France or England, this unusual property allows you to own a piece of that castle-like ambiance for a much more reasonable price. The home was built in 1906, making it well over 100 years old, and the interior is packed with charming historical details. Read on to learn more about this Battle Creek home that would have likely gotten William Shakespeare's stamp of approval — it even has one unique feature that seems perfect for putting on your own performances.

A grand stone façade

As Realtor's listing photos demonstrate, the home isn't easy to miss, especially while nestled amidst the other Michigan properties with more typical modern façades. The entire exterior is covered with a rustic neutral-toned stone that makes the home look like it's far older than its 100 years. One of the details most quintessential to the castle feel is the square stone formations along the top of the property, which seem like they've been taken straight out of a centuries-old manor.

Several windows break up the home's stone façade with eye-catching arched tops accentuated with pale slabs of stone and a gorgeous porch area with stone-covered columns that make a serious style statement. In addition, the front door is flanked by rectangular windows along the sides and top, making it seem much grander. The property also includes several mature trees, as well as a row of hedges along the front that helps add a degree of privacy, a two-car garage, and a small shed that could easily be transformed into whatever the next owner would like.

A quaint stone that's well-nestled on the property amplifies the home's Renaissance feel. Arched detailing along the bottom of the home makes it seem as though a moat should be surrounding it. There's also a balcony area on the second story, as well as several vintage-inspired light fixtures hanging outside, adding some old-school charm to this space with serious curb appeal.

A quirky interior with plenty of historical charm

This home is guaranteed to thrill anyone who likes their spaces a bit more unique, packed with period details and character touches, as the Realtor listing photos highlight. Rather than completely renovating the interior to transform it into a modern space, the home incorporates plenty of touches that make it cohesive with the old-school exterior.

The foyer has been transformed into another living area, with a stunning chandelier from the upper level hanging down above it. A grand staircase to one side leads up to the upper floors, with intricate carvings on the banister and railing. Due to the home's unique structure, many of the rooms — including those on the main floor — are somewhat circular, adding some serious visual interest and plenty of windows that fill the space with light.

In addition, many of the rooms have wallpaper that adds to the historic feel. All the doorways and windows are surrounded by dark wood trim that draws the eye, with some wider doorways even incorporating narrow columns with ornate millwork for an authentic one-of-a-kind touch. One of the focal points on the main floor is a gorgeous stone fireplace that mirrors the exterior, with a wooden mantle and crackling fire within.

An eye-catching upper level

William Shakespeare himself would likely have been charmed by the unusual hallway on the second story, which features a circle in the middle, overlooking the foyer and encased by a wooden railing, as per the Realtor listing photos. You could easily envision particularly talented family members performing in the hallway to the delight of the audience in the foyer sitting area. Although the chandelier itself hanging from the ceiling of the second story is primarily visible from the main floor, the second floor is treated to an incredibly ornate and intricate mount where it attaches to the ceiling. Even the hardwood is laid in a unique orientation, set at angles to accommodate the circular hallway.

Off the hallway are four oversized bedrooms with high ceilings, and because of their location, nearly all of them have several windows that fill the space with light. Vintage light fixtures and doorknobs accentuate the historical feel, and there are radiators visible as well, adding another unique touch that anyone who likes character properties will be charmed by.

Finally, while there doesn't appear to be an ensuite bathroom, one of the bathrooms just off the landing on the grand staircase that connects the various floors is a vintage charmer with a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub with brass feet and hardware, hexagonal tile, and an unusual layout.